Monday, December 14, 2009

Wood and Stone Carvings for 2010

Baniauga owner Eduardo Belo Soares is seeking to develop new employees skills with a view to be able to offer new products and services.  Namely Baniuaga is exploring the possibility of expandings its product lines into wodd and stone carving with Timorese motifs, designs and themes.  As a result Mr. Soares visited Singakerta, Peliatan, and Mas in central Bali on 12-13 December to identify master carvers for possible cooperation in the future.  These carvers may train Baniuaga staff in Bali and/or in Dili.  It is an exciting prospect.


  1. a very thoughtful ideas. Espera maun sira bele dezenvolve liu tan ita nia kultura liu husi arte.

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